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Upper Body Intensity Program

Upper Body Intensity Program

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Sick of spending hours in the gym every day? The Upper Body Intensity program utilizes extreme intensity during the workout to reduce the overall volume and time spent in the gym for each workout. 

The Upper Body Intensity program focuses on increasing chest, shoulder, and calf size while simultaneously increasing bench press strength. This means that you'll build a dense, aesthetic physique while still being able to lift the part.


This program includes 10 weeks of in depth workouts and is run on the following 7 day split:

-chest + calves

-back + rear delt

-shoulders + arms

-chest + shoulders + triceps

-back + rear delt

-rest day


Note: The product is fulfilled via a link sent to the email at checkout, make sure to provide a valid email that you have access to. 

Disclaimer: How you look is based largely on genetics and muscle insertions. By following this program I am in no way claiming or insinuating that by following this program you will look like me. I am not liable for any injuries which may occur through following this program.

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Who is This For?

The Upper Body Intensity program is for anyone who is looking to build a well balanced, muscular physique through intense training.

With 10 weeks of intense workouts with an emphasis on upper body exercises, this program is perfect for those who want to develop massive shoulders and a strong chest.

How to Access the Program

Upon purchasing the Superhero Builder Program, a PDF will be available for immediate download. This is accessed via a link sent to the email provided during the checkout process.


Although this program is upper body focused, the split still provides workouts for each muscle group every week. Upper Body Intensity still makes for a great well rounded workout routine.


Due to the nature of digital products being immediately accessible upon purchasing, no refunds will be allowed.