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Superhero Builder Program

Superhero Builder Program

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Throughout my 4 years of natural lifting I have tried numerous programs and techniques leading to the development of, what is in my opinion, the perfect workout routine for maximizing muscle growth. In this program, I outline not only the structure and layout of the exact program which I have followed for the last two years of lifting, but also touch on the small nuances which I have incorporated into my training from years of trial and error. This is done through a notes section attached to most exercises, adapting it based on the other exercises included in a given day. 


Exercises which utilize machines each have a substitution in the case of your gym not having the same equipment. In addition to this, the exercises you perform for each muscle group are entirely up to you. I provide multiple workout variations to each specific day allowing you to have flexibility in your routine while maintaining the same core goal and results from each workout. This basic premise allows you to follow this program and workouts for years, exactly as I have done. While most other programs outline exact workouts for a specific timeframe, I encourage substitutions and additions to the program as you see fit, modifying the routine to your liking over time. 


Note: The product is fulfilled via a link sent to the email at checkout, make sure to provide a valid email that you have access to. 


Disclaimer: How you look is based largely on genetics and muscle insertions. By following this program I am in no way claiming or insinuating that by following this program you will look like me. I am not liable for any injuries which may occur through following this program.

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Who is This For?

The Superhero Builder Program is for anyone who is looking to build a well balanced, muscular physique through high volume training.

With 12 straightforward yet intense workouts for each muscle group and an in depth breakdown of workout principles, anyone ranging from beginners to experts will find value in the program.

How to Access the Program

Upon purchasing the Superhero Builder Program, a PDF will be available for immediate download. This is accessed via a link sent to the email provided during the checkout process.


Due to the nature of the Superhero Builder Program being high volume, lower volume workouts can be achieved by simply removing one-two set(s) from each exercise in any given workout.


Due to the nature of digital products being immediately accessible upon purchasing, no refunds will be allowed.